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manufactured with pride.

market-leading manufacturing solutions.

Made in sheffield accredited
iso9001 certified

We're strongly committed to the highest standards of production.

With a purpose-built manufacturing facility, expert team and unique production methods, Owen Springs is the ideal partner for the highest standards of spring products.

OE Quality Standards

Stringent quality assurance and the highest standards of production allow us to manufacture to OE specification, providing the calibre of product your vehicle deserves.

Unique Production Methods

With specialist machinery combined with traditional production techniques, we can produce unmatched quality springs.

Bespoke Manufacturing Options

A combined manufacturing facility and extensive knowledge base allows us the flexibility to manufacture custom springs for our valued customers.

Expert Product Support

Our conscientious customer service team and expert staff are on hand to deliver the support, knowledge and insight you need at any time.

See Our Solutions in Action

With a reputation for quality, reliability and craftsmanship,  the Owen Springs name has become synonymous with some of the nation’s most culturally-beloved machines.

From the Sir Nigel Greasley to the Flying Scotsman, our reputation in heritage rail is a rich and storied one.

Alongside locomotives, we’ve manufactured springs for a wealth of different customer vehicles; unique passion projects including classic cars, off-roaders and more.

Our expert team and flexible manufacturing facility are perfectly suited to tackle these unique projects. 


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